Monday, June 29, 2015

Make Your Masterpiece: TPT Seller Challenge Week 3

These awesome ladies are hosting a 4-week long TPT Seller Challenge:
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I don't know if you could call this a "masterpiece", but I wanted to continue my "On/Off Topic" series with some "Fall On/Off Topic" cards. And, in keeping with the others I have made, this one is a freebie. (Click on the picture below to be taken to the product.)
I made the first batch of these cards in the Spring. I was working with a student using Badger State Speechy's On Topic Packet!, when I realized that the student didn't understand the terms On/Off Topic. I made the cards then printed, laminated, and cut them out, and then took them to school. Within 1 session, the first grader understood the vocabulary and the teacher started using the phrase on/off topic in the classroom.
So far, I have Spring, Back to School, and now Fall sets (all free!). I plan on using the Back to School & Fall as a review for that student. I hope you can use it!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dare to Dream: TPT Seller Challenge Week 2

These fabulous ladies are hosting the 4 week long TPT Seller Challenge:
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This week is all about your dreams: what you hope to achieve through your TPT business.
Before I reveal mine, I have to let you know that I'm not in it to make a lot of money. (My husband has said that I'm exceeding my expectations!) I make materials that I can use during my therapy sessions; if someone else can get some use out of it, then that's great! A couple of products in my store are a direct result of a purchase that I made, then realizing I need something to supplement that purchase.
That being said, here are my dreams:

~ Retire in 10 years: I'm getting ready to start my 32nd year as an SLP and my 30th in the school setting. If I had stayed in the same state, I would have just retired, or be getting ready to retire very soon. I've said that as long as the kids make me laugh, I'll keep chugging along. Well, I'm still laughing!

~ The whole "Keys & Copenhagen" thing is such a HUGE dream! I never thought I would want to live in Florida, but after spending the past 3 New Year's in The Keys, I'm rethinking that! As far as Copenhagen: My MIL is from there, and I've had the good fortune to visit my husband's uncle twice within the past 10 years.  With The Keys in the winter & Copenhagen (my happy place!) in the summer, I'll never be too hot or too cold.

~ We have a very small camper that is just perfect for us. There are so many things to see in the U.S.A.; I'd like to just hit the road and see everything!

Emily said to dream big!!!  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Makeover Madness: Week 1

Since I took the first week of my summer break (which was 3 weeks ago!) to revamp some things in my TpT Store, I thought it made sense to participate in the TPT Seller Challenge! I decided to use the changing of the cover for my Joke Dominoes product:
I wanted to keep the dominoes for the "O", but add a little bit of color to it. I also added a free frame from The 3am Teacher.
Even though I'm new to TPT, I've already learned an awful lot! I'm always open to suggestions!                                                                                                  \

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An RtI Alternative

I am participating in SL3's RtI blog hop. Each day during May, SLPs and OTs are sharing a post dedicated to School Based Innovation and RtI. You can check out everyone who participated and their links here.

This year, my special ed coordinator gave the SLPs permission to try something we have wanted to do for several years. I found it frustrating to have students on my caseload with 1 or 2 error sounds that I knew could be corrected if I could just see them one-on-one for 5-10 minutes a couple of times/week. Thankfully, the coordinator bought into what we were asking for, and agreed to let us try it.
We call the program Quick Speech. This is not a special ed program, so the most students I can see through Quick Speech is 10% of my caseload. It also is not RtI.
I identified students from screening who were stimulable for their error sounds, or who only had 1 or 2 sounds in error. I see them 2 times/week for 5 minutes for "kill and drill". I like to use Articulate It! (Smarty Ears) as the stimuli since it takes the data for me. That way, I can concentrate on what the student is saying. Plus, I only have to carry my iPad and a notebook with me. Since Quick Speech is not a Special Education Program, I don't see the students in my speech room for their session.
Parent permission is required; we make it perfectly clear in the letter that this is not a special ed service. Also included is what may be recommended following the 9 weeks.

An important aspect of this program is homework. I keep track of when it is given and when it is returned with a parent signature. I keep it simple: I write down words missed during the 5 minutes and the student takes that sheet home to work on.
I try to have everything on 1 sheet: Goal, Attendance, Data, and Homework:

(Original Data Sheet from Kelly Davis, who gave permission for the form to be modified. Original can be found here.)
So far, I have seen excellent progress with students. I have been able to keep several students from being identified as "Special Ed Students" only to have them be dismissed during the year that they were identified. Definitely a "win-win" for everybody!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Why I Joined my State Organization

I've been back in Tennessee for 11 years, yet this is my first year to actually be a member of TAASLP, Tennessee Association of Audiologists and Speech Pathologists. My previous state's organization was very active in the area of public schools. School-based SLPs held offices, chaired committees, and served on committees. They have great state conventions with many sessions specific to our setting.
To be perfectly honest, I haven't heard a lot of good tings about TAASLP, specifically for those of us in the schools. And I decided things need to change.
I have to credit Annie Doyle for lighting a fire under me. She's the President-Elect of her state organization. I have no desire to fill that role in my state, but I thought I could start by having some say in getting quality speakers for the convention that school SLPs are actually interested in. We're the ones in the schools; we're the ones who know what's really going in our setting, not the professors in the universities. We're the ones who know what the trends are, what areas we want/need to improve, and where we're headed. When it comes to the schools, we are the experts; we are the reality.
My main reason for joining TAASLP is to get more school SLPs involved...and to help educate those professors & clinical supervisors understand exactly what we do; not what they think we do.

I'm linking up with Speech2U...see why others joined their state organization!
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